Marketplace Support

The Suncorp Gateway offers support for you to comply with the VISA mandate for marketplaces. According to the VISA mandate, a business entity is considered a marketplace if it runs a platform that brings together multiple buyers and retailers. This unique feature of the marketplace program allows a marketplace to handle sales from retailers located in different countries. The acquirers of a marketplace are required to identify transactions on a marketplace that are initiated by foreign retailers (where the retailer is in a different country than the marketplace).


To be considered as a marketplace you must:

  • Register with VISA as a marketplace to get a VISA issued Marketplace ID.
  • Obtain the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of 5262 assigned by VISA.

Submitting API Transactions for Marketplaces

When submitting a transaction as a marketplace, provide the following field in the Authorize, Pay, Capture, Refund, and Verify operations.

  • order.marketplace.retailerLocation: Provide information about the location of the retailers for goods or services included in this order. Where a retailer is located in a country different from your country, they are considered a foreign retailer, otherwise they are considered a domestic retailer.

    • DOMESTIC_ONLY: Indicates that the items are only from the domestic retailers.
    • FOREIGN_ONLY: Indicates that the items are only from the foreign retailers.
    • FOREIGN_AND_DOMESTIC: Indicates that the items are from both foreign and domestic retailers.

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